Vr Pavilion is delighted to present a selection of
VR Artworks hosted by the IMMERSIVE HERA
in occasion of the III ACT of 

Resilienze Festival 2021

From Sundance to Resilienze Festival the Vr Pavilion is proud to host the Italian premiere of NIGHTSSS, a virtual erotic poem by Weronika Lewandowska and Sandra Frydrysiak that immerses
the viewer in a sensorial experience of nature, dance and poetry.

REPETITION REDUNDANCIES, an Immersive Experience by the visionary Iranian artist Mohsen Hazrati, debuts with the world premiere of a sophisticated VR artwork that investigates the limit of intelligibility of our ecosphere.

Directly from Tribeca Film Festival Paisley Smith honors us with the Italian premiere of the provocative VR experience UNCEDED TERRITORIES, an interactive immersive artwork which deals with theme of climate change, colonialism and indigenous civil rights. 

Last but by no means least, the 360° installation ICE-TIME / ICEBERG CYCLE by Clea T. Waite welcomes the audience at the entrance of the Vr Pavilion with a poetic-scientific immersive observation of Ice. 

A free side selection on top of this juicy immersive programe will be available in the Immersive Welcome Room straight out from the Oculus library. BIOSPHERES by Robert Fox and SPHERES by Eliza McNitt are two VR experiences that involve the audience in the ecosystem we live in from two opposite perspectives.