An immersive poetic-scientific observation of Ice by Clea T. Waite

Interactive 360° Cinema

ICE-TIME is an immersive, multi-projection video and 3D sound installation that combines art, science, and technology.
The artwork is a creative response to the accelerating changes we are observing in Earth's ecosystem. It examines polar ice as the most visible yet inaccessible indicator of climate change. The installation creates a singular portrait of ice, from vast glaciers to individual crystals, revealing deep time and the phenomenon of ice through contrasting physical scales and speeds of observation.

ICE-TIME 360 is a 360°-cinema/VR recreation of the original ICE-TIME mediascape. In ICE-TIME, six projections and a surround soundscape occupy a roomsized environment of translucent screens. Crystalline collages form as visitors move within the space. The hexagonal structures of ice molecules and 4D tesseract projections are formal elements in the visual design of the film and the installation.
The 3D soundscape is composed of field recordings of live ice, creating an immersive audio environment that circulates like a solid fluid while the video imagery combines digital 4K video recorded in Greenland and Antarctica with data from our scientific collaborators. The artwork creates a poetic-scientific portrait of ice through time-lapse photography,micro-photography, satellite images, and contact audio recordings.

Artists’s Bio

Clea T. Waite is an intermedia artist, experimental filmmaker, scholar, and engineer who investigates the material poetics emerging at the intersection of art, science, and technology. She creates immersive, cinematic works engaging embodied perception, dynamic composition, and sensual interfaces – as well as one inter-species collaboration with several hundred spiders. Her artwork examines climate change, astronomy, particle physics, history, feminism, and popular culture. Waite received her Ph.D. at the University of Southern California in interdisciplinary Media Arts + Practice, combining a physics and computer graphics background from the MIT Media Lab with her current research in cinema, media art, and critical theory. Recent exhibitions include Kepler’s Garden Ars Electronica Barcelona, CODAME San Francisco, the ICC Tower Hong Kong, the Miraikan Museum, Tokyo, and the Boston CyberArts Festival. Waite has taught at the Academy of Film and Television Babelsberg, Pratt Institute, NY, and the University of the Arts, Berlin.


Angelika von Chamier is an award-winning editor and sound designer with over twenty years of professional experience in both the TV and movie industries. She collaborates with numerous artists as a sound designer, creating experimental films, soundscapes, and video installations. As an editor, her work includes feature films, documentary features, scripted television series, and reality TV shows, and she has mixed live television for fifteen years as an audio engineer.